Saturday, February 27, 2010


So I have been a major reading kick. I am obsessed with all YA paranormal, thank goodness for Borders rewards or I would be broke!! Ok, well maybe I am anyway, but whatever, I have a ton of new books and can't seem to stop reading.

So I started a series, I will not mention the name here. It was a fairly decent book, enough to keep me reading, but about halfway through the author uncovers a secret about the female MC that I did not see coming, there were no hints, no leading up to it, no nothing and frankly, it almost ruined the whole thing for me.

I had a mental picture of her during the first half, and it was all blown to heck when this secret came out. I don't like that!!! It makes me feel different about the character that I have come to know and feel for. And maybe the author was trying to make you feel how the male MC would have felt at that moment, but darn it, I just didn't like it!!!

How do you feel about sudden plot twists that change everything you knew about the main character?


  1. I don't like surprises that blow me away either. Any revelations should make sense with the character we've connected with. Something to keep in mind as I'm reviewing my own novel :)

  2. If it seems consistent with the character's behavior/world view at that point, I'm okay with it. If it is abrupt and I get the sense that the author did it just to throw in a twist, it annoys me. :)