Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Contest at Nathan Bransford's Blog!

I entered the contest over at Nathan Bransford's blog tonight!

Oh what fun! I haven't even been doing anything related to writing lately and I just happened to see he had a first paragraph contest going...so I ENTERED! Heehee!

Here's my submission:

If there was ever a time in my short life I felt normal, I couldn’t remember. This was my normal, sitting beneath the window of this dark, abandoned house. Unknown creatures scurried across the broken glass littering the floor as I waited for him to emerge from the house next door. I peeked through the blinds hanging haphazardly on the busted window frame. His red aura lit the room around him, casting an eerie glow across the distance of the two yards. I couldn’t see him, but at least I could track the glow. I could have just barged into that house and taken him out. I’d done it before, many times in fact, but hopefully tonight would be the last time. I was getting tired of these games. It was exhausting being the only Demon Hunter in the greater Portland area.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Lovers Unite!!!

I thought I'd take a moment to talk about a few things!

First, I pulled out of book tonight, after a few long months, and...yeah it isn't so great. I think I am very sad about this! There are pieces that are like "Wow! I can't believe I wrote that!" good. AND THEN...there is absolute, horrific CRAP with a capital C! anyhoo, is it saveable? I'm not so sure :'(

Ok, but the real point of this post was to pass on to all of you book lovers a series I just recently read! TO DIE FOR! OMG! It's call the Mortal Insturments by Cassandra Clare. As of right now there are 3 in the series and then she has a prequel called Clockwork Angel. There will be 3 more in the original series with 2 more added to the prequel series, called Infernal Devices. And....(insert drum roll here)...I read on her website there is talks of a movie....

The next Twilight???? Me thinks so! That is honestly how much I enjoyed this series. It's got a little bit of every kind of paranormal, lots of humor and some seriously crazy twists! Keeps you hanging in a way I have never really encountered. LOVE IT! Much praise for Cassandra Clare!

Need I say more? GO GET THE BOOKS ALREADY!!!