Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blogging friends..unlike any other friends!

I was reading a blogging friend's post today and it got me thinking.... (TK Richardson)

She mentioned that she feels like her blog is like sitting down to a cup of coffee with friends (not a direct quote). And it just really hit a spot with me! It is SO true!!!

Though I may never meet quite a few of you, I feel like I know you. I have started this scary journey that has led me to places I never dreamed of going and along the way I found some very helpful, very sweet and darn funny people, whom I would have never had any contact with otherwise.

I feel like this is a whole other person I have become and I am liking it! If my book never gets published...well, that will just be ok because I have enjoyed the ride!

Thank you to each of my followers, now and yet to come! Can't wait to see what the future holds for this dreaming writer!


  1. I completely agree! I just visited TK's site a minute ago and smiled when I read her post. It's so true. As I said to TK, my kids think I'm nuts when I talk about the people I've met online being friends. They don't get it :)

  2. haha! My daughter is always like are you talking to Charlie? (Charlie Eve and I are always chatting and trading chapters and stuff) It just cracks me up because it's like she knows Charlie too! and we've never met! I love it!!

  3. Shawna, my kids know all of your names, too! I talk about you guys like I've known you forever. They'll say how's Jean (Oram) doing? Or ask about so and so. It's funny, but sweet because I think they realize how important it is to me. :)

  4. I hear ya' Shawna. My son always says to tell everyone hello when I'm chatting with you guys on AQ or wherever. It's like a little extended family.

  5. I do sit down every morning with my coffee to read through the blogs, so I get that! It is a nice feeling :)