Saturday, April 10, 2010

I would like to thank the academy...I mean fellow writer LISA!!!

WOW! I came home from a wonderful weekend with no kids at the beach where the weather mostly behaved with my husband who was sweet and funny to a blog award!


Thank you Lisa! What a wonderful surprise! Check out her witty blog Random Thoughts To String Together

And hopefully to brightened a few other's day, I would like to pass this on to some more wonderful people:

Charlie Eve: Kids Book Junky
Layinda: Layinda's Blog
Jemi (Who I know already received this but she's just such a darn sweet follower, I had to mention her): Just Jemi
Eisley Jacobs (Who I just found on Twitter and started following her blog and think she's hilarious!): Eisley's Ellipses
Kathi Oram Peterson (Who has given me some good advice so far): Kathi's Writing Nook


  1. "You like me, you really like me!" ;)

    Thanks! I will try to get the award up when things are a little less hectic!


  2. What a surprise. Thank you! I hope my advice continues to help. :0)

  3. Thanks Shawna - you're such a sweetie to think of me - thanks for the kind words :)