Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Realistic Goals

Here are my goals for this year:

#1 LOSE WEIGHT, I mean live a healthier life style
#2 FINISH MY BOOK (not helping when I am blogging and Facebooking and now Tweeting)
#5 SAVE MONEY (or make lots of money from selling said book-heehee)

Ok, so are these realistic goals? Heck if I know! I would like to say yes! But then here I sit doing a lot of not writing on that book and not exercising for that matter.

Where do you find the motivation to make these dreams happen? What are your New Years resolutions, in April?


  1. My goal for April is to schedule my time better so that I don't feel like I'm constantly online. Twitter, Facebook and the blog need to be balanced with writing time! :)

  2. Can I say breathing? There are days it's just so busy and so overwhelming, it's hard to get it all done :)

  3. April must be another "take-stock" month because I've been doing the same thing. This is good, right? Helps remind ourselves what we need to work on. If you hang in there, so will I. :)

  4. My goal is to spend one full year being true to doing what I love (writing) in my spare time and not letting other things get in the way of me taking time for myself to do write. :) Maybe not a lofty goal but one I like.

  5. Well, it sounds like we are all on the same page, more or less!

    Layinda-That is exactly how i feel! But every morning as I sit down at the computer, I tell myself ok, only an hour for Facebook and so on, but then all of sudden it's afternoon and I have done NO writing! Grrr!

    Jemi-breathing is good, at the moment I am unable to do so due to this cold that is creeping up :)

    Ok Kathie-I'll hang in there with you! Maybe April is like that for so many people because they are just so darn tired of the rain and cold and they start to feel gloomy???? Or maybe it's because we never followed through with any of our January resolutions and are feeling guilty??? *tentativley raising hand for both*

    Lisa-that is a great goal and one that is probably pretty easy to accomplish, which are the best kinds!

  6. Yes! I love to reaffirm New Year's Resolutions in the spring--and summer too. LOL
    My goal is to drop a dress size before beach season. And to run 4 miles (I'm at 3 miles now. And to finish my book before the end of summer. Whew.

  7. WELCOME Jennifer! So nice to have you in my little group of followers :)

    WOW! 3 miles! I am impressed! I can barely trudge thru 1 mile of walking and that's if I get myself on the treadmill, but that's a whole different story!

    We'll have to revist this in the summer then and see how we all did with those goals ;)

  8. Hmm my goals are to write more consistently, spend more time with my little one and continue yoga to trim down my backside!