Friday, April 16, 2010

It's all in a name

So I am random. You may have noticed this by now. My posts have no rhyme or reason. This is how I live my daily life also. Thank God for my sister who keeps me on track and makes sure I get my kids where they need to go semi on-time and get all the Happy Birthday phone calls made on the right day!

Here's my random post today, has nothing to do with anything, just something I was chuckling about the other day. Do you have nicknames you call your children? My poor kids probably don't even know what their real name is, especially my daughter whom I often refer to as Miss Gertrude (her name is NOT Gertrude nor anything close), Schmoopsie Poo, Darlin', Little Britches, Punky Do, Nerdaleeacha and so on. I don't have a set list, they just come to me throughout the day. My son is a little better off, he gets Bubba and Buddy, and little Mister, but also the same mushy ones, I don't discriminate! What names do you use?

I also LOVE to sing very random, very nonsense songs. My kids are often asking me why in the world I make up those songs all the time and when one of them is actually a real song that I knew when I was a kid, it's like I'm the smartest person EVER! My daughter always had her full name sung to the tune of Winnie the Pooh and my son gets his long four name full name sung to head shoulders knees and toes. What songs do you like to sing to your kids, or animals if that's the case?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I think you and I were seperated at birth Shawna. For years, I have wake my son up singing silly nonsensical songs that I make up on the spot. I'm not saying he likes it. ;) He's 13 now and would die if he knew I was telling you any of his nicknames. But here goes: Bubba, Noodleman, poodle noodle, tater tot, Mr. Cool-Mr. E, doodle bug, and finally simply dude. I may have forgotten some but you all get the idea.