Thursday, January 28, 2010

Batter up!!!

First of all, I would like to thank Charlie for pointing me in the direction of the pitch contest at Caren Johnson Literary Agency! And for helping me with said pitch (which my husband liked better than mine) And to everyone at chat on AQ last night, what an awesome job of helping each other(Well and the "post your pitch" thread also!). It's really amazing to see a group like that, that are all going for the same contest but so willing to help others get theirs just perfect!

At just a few minutes after midnight (because it was 9 for me) I posted my pitch, there were only maybe 10 in front of me, but I periodically went back and checked all night. I was so excited to see fellow AQers on there and to see how good their pitches turned out! BRAVO!!!!

But, the whole process of getting to that pitch was a huge journey, made in just one short day, but man was that hard! You don't get 9 innings to win the game, you don't get 3 strikes and then you're out. You get 100 words!!! How do sum up your baby, your passion, your wonderful characters who are like family, in only 100 words?

Well, I guess you don't really, but you want to say just enough to make someone think hmmm, I would really like to know where this is going. What I really wanted to say was "Hey, my book is wonderful, and I really think you should sign me because my characters are fun and their love is amazing, so what do think?" but that probably wouldn't have worked so well. So I squeezed it all in to less than 100 words (WOOT!) and am keeping my fingers crossed!

Once again thanks to everyone and good luck! Can't wait to hear the good news :)


  1. Darn it, eh?

    It was a great exercise even though none of our wonderful pitches made the team. :(

    I'm honouring new blogs on my blog and mentioned you, so I thought I would let you know.

  2. Gosh I know! What a bummer! I thought for sure at least one of us AQers had it in the bag! I honestly thought our pitches were well rounded and made sense, but heck what do I know :) Not a lot obviously!

    Thanks for the mention! That's great! I'm so excited!

  3. I like your pitch and am looking forward to reading more of "Chasing Forever". Hang in there and keep swinging for the fences!

  4. Congrats on getting it out there. Sometimes that's the bigger accomplishment than winning!