Monday, January 11, 2010


I would love to know what got you all inspired to write? Or even what inspired you to write the story you are writing now? Discuss....

I wrote alot when I was young, you know the whole angsty teenager bit, but I let it go for a long time, it didn't help when my husband accidentally threw away my binder full of stories and poems. When I read the Twilight Saga, I fell in love with her writing and was inspired to sit down at the computer and type away. That was my inspiration!


  1. Life inspires me. Kids in particular. There is something so magical about them and the way they look at the world that I can't help but immerse myself in their experiences.

    I'm especially drawn to humor and mystery.

    Thanks for making me think.

  2. I mostly get inspired by all the little voices that pop into my head on a daily basis...especially Glitterbug. Her voice interrupts my other characters all the time. :D and like Cat says life inspires all especially how funny kids can be and how they interact with the world.

    Growing up I was a huge fan of Judy Blume amongst other fabulous children's writers and wanted to be a part of introducing kids to the love of reading...whether it meant through my writing or by simply cozying up next to my daughter and reading to her. Reading great books are always inspirational. A love of books is hands down the best gift you can give to any child. I'm the Aunt that always gives out books as gifts whether it's Christmas, a birthday or just because I thought they might enjoy it.

  3. Haha Charlie! I have those voices screaming too! I was telling my husband, "I have this idea for one book and this for another..." and he said, "don't you think you should get through your first one?"

    I understand the importance of reading to children. Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a child, thanks to my grandma. And now I see it in my 7 year old daughter and it is truly a blessing! What wonderful worlds you can travel to!

  4. So many things inspire me, but my favorite authors are the catalyst. It is their writing, their prose, their skill of drawing me in and keeping me there that inspires me the most. Their vivid images, lovely characters, and thrilling story lines inspire me to write.

  5. I wrote growing up too. I'm sure most of us did. I didn't write for quite a few years. Then, out of the blue, I got an idea for a story. I thought 'why can't I write a book', so I just started banging away at the keys. Before I knew it, I had written my first novel. Now the characters talk to me. Sometimes they whisper and sometimes they shout.

  6. Yesterday a song inspired me. It ended up with a woman writing a letter to her ex about all the stuff of his she'd trashed. It was fun! I don't know what will become of those 1800 words, but I'm hoping for a novel!