Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wow everyone, thanks for the great comments! This is fun :)

Ok, we did inspiration, let's do motivation...

What motivates you to write?

There are days when I stare, well, more glare really, at the computer screen and wonder what in the heck am I doing? Is anything ever going to come from all these hours and sweat I have bled into this story?

The answer...I have no idea! So what motivates me to keep plugging away, well, I guess it boils down to the fact that I absolutly love it! I may not be the best, but darn it, I am having a good time with it. The longer I do it and know all of you wonderful writers who whether you know it or not, have helped me so much, the more I love it. I feel like after 32 years of not wanting to do anything except be a good mother, I found my niche. I finally feel like I can be someone to inspire my kids. I sat down yesterday with my 7 year old daughter and we started a kids picture book (keep in mind, I am horrible at drawing) but she had a blast! and we laughed and had fun! Will it ever become anything, maybe not, but what a wonderful way to spend time with her!


  1. Aww Shawna, that's great! You'll have that picture book forever. It is a great way to spend time together. My son comes up with ideas for me. He'll say 'hey you could write a story about this'.
    What motivates me? I love writing too. It doesn't take a lot to motivate me. It could be a word I see that inspires a new idea and motivates me to write something. Great question though.

  2. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! :) This is so freaking cute! And love hearing about your journey!!

  3. shawna,

    Like you, my kids both inspire and motivate me.

    But what keeps me writing when I question the feasibility of it? I have stories to tell. I pray someday an agent and editor will believe the same thing and give my writing a shot.

    The thought of my books, my words, in the hands of kids is what makes me write.

    Thanks for the question.