Friday, January 15, 2010

Up and away

I have nothing important to say today, well as if I did the other days. I just have been chuckling to myself as I am editing and cutting and destroying. How many times is it even possible to use the word "up"? Now you wouldn't think anything about this harmless little word. You'd never even think to do a search for it in your ms, but I tell ya, I probably cut my word count in half deleting all those teeny, tiny, two letter words. "She glanced up, he looked up..." Seriously? Why can't it just be glanced or looked? It doesn't always have to be up! I mean, he suppose to be tall, but really, enough is enough!

Random thoughts for the day....


  1. Oh the pain of editing. Does it know any bounds? I thought I was done but keep finding more (commas are my issue at this point). I cut lots of 'justs' from my ms. Good luck, keep your chin UP. lol, couldn't resist.

  2. Prepositions are the death of me. Sometimes I have two in a row. Very redundant...

    Up, up and away!