Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was feeling emotional so I thought I'd whip out some poetry. Tell me one of yours!

On bended knees, I pray for you,
My little angel, my shining star
You smile down at me from afar

Magic in the moment I held you in my arms
Tiny eyes to never see
A love so consuming taken away from me

Little fingers and little toes
Gone so cold
Never to be mine, lost from my hold

Heavens hold my one precious child
So beautiful and sweet
I count the days, the hours, the moments until we meet

I send my love to you on angel’s wings
Everyday I love you more
Forever with you is all I wish for.


  1. That is a beautiful poem, Shawna. Sometimes surviving a loss inspires the creation of something that can help others get through similar circumstances; the best kind of memorial.

    I haven't written any poetry for a long time, but here's a limerick I wrote a few years ago for Valentine's Day:

    There once was a young man from River, who pledged his love, all he could give her. The lady said yes, and put on a white dress, and they lived happily after, forever.

  2. Shawna,

    That is very touching and well done. It made me acutely feel my miscarriage from nearly a decade ago. Yet it was sweet enough to bring hope, not pain.


    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Layinda I love yours! and how fitting to have forever in it, since this is my forever blog :)

    Thanks to both of you! It has been 9 years since I lost my son, I just have my moments of sadness. To me, it is so helpful to talk about it and share because I know alot of people don't. Thanks for your kind words, and Cat, I'm so sorry for your loss too.